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contact mini

* Not available in the US

contact mini is a miniature bone conduction hearing system consisting of two components, receiver and conductor, interconnected by a cord. The contact mini can be incorporated into a wide range of headpieces, hair bands and Alice bands in colourful designs with decorative motifs.
The miniature size and flexible hairband make the contact mini uniquely ideal for small children with extended use for older children and adults as well.
Like the contact star evo1, the contact mini is indicated for mild to moderate conductive or mixed hearing loss when traditional custom or BTE hearing aids are contraindicated.
Your advantages

  • the miniature size and flexibility of the cord and hairband makes contact mini ideal for fitting small children up to adults
  • digital processing and software programming with specially designed bone conduction First Fit Algorithms
  • hairband and headdresses for optimal wearing comfort for children and cosmetic appeal