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Hearing Protection*

We want you to hear well in the future too. This is why audifon offers you a wide range of protective systems for your ears. Whether you need it for your job, for recreation, for sporting activities, or when travelling, you’ll find the perfect hearing protection to suit any situation and different noise levels. It may already be too late when you notice a loss of hearing. This is precisely why awareness of the risks of loud or constant noise levels is important.

The best protection always fits perfectly in your ear. audifon therefore recommends customised hearing protection. Your acoustician or hearing aid specialist will take an impression of your ear and we will manufacture what is known as an otoplastic hearing protector. When combined with the noise filter chosen by you, we achieve the type of protection that meets your personal requirements. Many audifon hearing protection products are available in silicon or acrylic. Soft silicon fits gently into the ear canal, whilst hard acrylic is easy to clean and particularly hygienic.

Find more information on our hearing protection solutions suitable for the following situations and activities:

* currently not available in the US