audifon App

The audifon App makes everyday life easier. Easy to use, highest listening comfort

The audifon App offers a wide range of useful functions to meet the demands of everyday living. It has been developed in collaboration with experienced users and our team of professional hearing aid acousticians to acclimatize to their hearing systems so that users will enjoy wearing them every day. The audifon App is compatible with all hearing systems based on the audifon Wings-platform!

Remote control via smartphone

With the audifon App, user can easily adjust their hearing systems to their needs and environment from their Android or iOS smartphones. Simply adjust the volume or mute the devices, switch between programs, or customize them for specific listening situations using the filter and sound settings. 

Streaming function from smartphone available

Users can now answer an smartphone call and listen to the entire conversation or music streamed directly to the audifon hearing system. The smartphone can also be used as a live remote microphone.



Sound adjustment for the hearing aid system

The audifon App allows users to fine-tuned sound and other useful functions by easily adjusting the filters if the original settings are not optimal for a particular listening situation.

The audifon App provides the freedom to users to adjust low, mid and high frequencies to personalize a setting for better speech clarity or just to listen to their favourite music.

Save individual settings as favorites

Users can create multiple memory settings, linked each to a specific location and saved them as favourites. The audifon App will automatically activate to a previously saved setting when they return to that location as the smartphone uses GPS and Wifi networks to recognize the geo-data tag.

Easy download in your App Store

The audifon App can be easily downloaded from the App Store on your smartphone.